About Me

Hi. I’m Fiona & welcome to my blog.

Quick note … I’m in the process of setting this blog up so there will be improvements as I progress! πŸ™‚

If you read my first entry on 23 December 2010 you will see how this blog has come about. I’m feel like I’m heading into mid-life crisis … only at 50 years instead of 40 years old like most people.

I’m at the point of wondering what is this ‘material possession’ all about, and facing up to the fact that I’ve not really been out and enjoyed life. I’ve worked … and worked .. and paid bills … and been broke so often I care now not to think about it. In the past I’ve moved alot and lived in different places throughout Australia. Yet I haven’t really looked at the places I was in because I was always working!!! Plus my car wasn’t reliable so I tended to stay at home … didn’t like the thought of breaking down in the country.

So what I’ve decided to do is spend the next 12 months (or less hopefully) planning my new life. I will be spending time researching to make the best choices I can in order to get started. These are the most life changing decisions such as sell my home or just rent it out, buy a bus / motorhome / ute and 5th wheeler, sell up all my furniture & start making wise purchases that would suit a small mobile home, start joining groups & making contacts in different organisations, and the list goes on.

What my aim is here by publishing is to get feedback from you all. You may have travelled yourselves so I welcome any hints, tips, ‘watch out for’, etc advice you are willing to share. Tell me of places that are well worth seeing!! In saying that though I’ll be travelling on bitumen roads so please don’t send me bush where I need a 4WD and a crane to get me out of difficulty 😦


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