Christmas Day at Wagait Beach NT

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Bit of a drive ahead for Christmas Lunch tomorrow

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Christmas Day tomorrow & I’m heading off for lunch at Wagait Beach! Can’t wait. I have the option of driving into the city and taking the ferry across to Mandorah which would take all of 15 minutes or so, but I feel the need to get out into the countryside for a drive. The trip will take about an hour and half driving.  I’ve got the esky ready to go and a large camping ice pack to keep the food cold. I’m supplying dessert so I’m hoping the custard will make the trip OK!! lol.

How this idea started …

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I’ve just made, what I think would be, the most exciting adventurous decision in my life.

A month or so ago I was driving to work and I followed an old van that had a poster on it’s back window that really affected me. It was one of those old box trade vans, sliding side door, sealed windows, no back hatch. All the windows had cut-out shadecloth fixed to the inside. It had a handritten notice on the back window which read ..




They were about to turn right at the next intersection, so they moved lanes & I came up alongside. It was an old couple, man & woman, and the lady in the passenger’s seat had her arm up cradling her little brown & white fox terrier dog. To describe what I felt at that moment is difficult. But when I looked in, there was a real peace about them. The car was dented & scratched & old, they had used whatever they could find to fit out the inside, but all (including the little dog) just seemed happy. That was their home!

The rest of my trip to work was just thinking of them & their what their life must be & how difficult sometimes we make our own lives just to have those material possessions & security at great financial cost.

They say when you reach 40 you go through a mid-life crisis. It never came then for me. In a month I turn 50 …. reckon I’m having it now !!!!!


I’m on a 2 year contract which expires in February 2011. In government organisations, by now, there is some degree of assurance that the work will continue or other positions open up. There has been no official word yet, only verbal reassurances without the commitment. There’s lots of talk of major restructure, redundancies, job descriptions being rewritten, and that everyone will have to apply for jobs (even those with permanent places). All-in-all, that’s a couple of thousand people not sure if they’ll have a job when they return from Christmas break.


My contract runs out in February. Do I stay or do I start looking in case? A couple of months ago I had an incredably strong urge to move, and I began thinking about moving to Cairns in Queensland. But I own my own home, it’s full of furniture, I have mortgage / body corporate / insurance / car repayments / phone / electricity … and you know all about it .. never ending bills. If I rent it out – will the tennants destroy my home. What I have seen when I did my stint at property management and what the other owners in this complex have gone through this last 12 months with their places, it’s a big worry.

Tuesday was the last day of work before Christmas break and one of my workmates gave me and another staff member a lift home. It’s quite a trip so plenty of time to talk. He and his wife live in an old bus that’s been done up, and they travel Australia stopping at places and working when they want / need, then move on when they feel it’s time. They don’t have money behind them so they need to work as they go. He made some good arguments for being on the road and contracting! If you don’t like your neighbours, you just move up a couple of bays at the caravan park! haha. Be prepared to do whatever is needed – you develop a very wide skill set. And he has a business he runs from his laptop. If he physically needs to get somewhere, he just gets on a plane & goes. Neither of them have ever had any problems getting work. It just comes back to letting go of the material wants & survive. And they both are very happy.

SO …

I don’t know if I’ll have a job soon, or if I’ll still be here, or if I should move, or what, but I’ve decided to set up this blog as a record of my planning to become mobile.

I WANT TO BUY EITHER A MOTOR HOME OR A 5TH WHEELER & UTE and live in that. Work where I am, then move on. Do contract work & budget for those sick & annual leave times (ie. moving to next place).  What a way to see Australia and how good will that be to meet lots of new and interesting people along the way. And I don’t want to wait until I’ve retired …. do it now I say !! haha.

So off to dream now. Nite 🙂